Photoshop and Illustrator

Rock Potter

A movie poster made in class where we would mix different movie or TV sequences with each other in some way. This was a part of the course where we should focus on isolating and masking.

Result = Rock Potter and the Gainzerers Stone.


A concept somewhat similar to the above but more profound in color, hue and saturation. Three stories about two combined movies.

Illustrator graphics

A part of class in graphic tools. Making a portrait of someone with vector graphics.


Prototypes, concepts and mockups

Driving and texting

I didn’t really like that people were using their cell phones while driving their cars and wanted to see if what could be done about that. I did a survey in which 75 respondents answered a number of questions about their use of mobile phones in combination with driving a car.

It turned out that a large proportion used the phone in some way in connection with driving and often answered phone calls, answering and sending text messages or searching for songs in their music player. I made a low fidelity prototype focused on easy texting.

My biggest wish in this regard, of course, is that no one sends text messages when driving.

I think my ideas where pretty spot on since Spotify launched a simple car view mode early 2019.


This is a prototype I made where the idea was that the app would collect different bank details for the customer, on the customers request. By collecting everything in one place, the customer was not tied to a specific bank and did not have to make any commitments to them.

A bit different thing with this prototype was the expanding, floating menu and a big part of why I experimented with this concept. The idea was that the menu should be more available then a ordinary menu. It should be easy and accessible for the user, which I think this design is.

Here is an interactive prototype that shows the feature.



A food and recipe sharing app that was a Adobe challenge I participated in.

Here is a interactive prototype.


A savings app with many elements of gamification that should inspire and motivate people to save more, get ahead of their savings and get rid of bad and expensive habits with quests and games.

Banking Express

In the time of closing down bank branches there many people have issues of getting to banking office at the time they are available. We all know how hectic it can be and if you really have to visit a office, its hard to get there in banking hours.

The purpose of this app was to make bank branches more accessible on the customers own terms and at the same time be able to have a more efficient experience, both for the customer and for the bank employee.



This project is part of a course in school that’s called Methods in Interaction design. We learned different methods like usability evaluation, project management and SCRUM, and prototyping. In the project we worked according to SCRUM and did sketches, wireframingm mockups and a final hi fidelity prototype. We also did different evaluations, user cases and did cognitive walkthroughs.

Apartyfind is a platform that makes concerts and shows more available for individuals all over the world. The Apartyfinders can connect with different people, go to pre partys, join others and get new friends.

Whats funny with our idea is that Facebook actually launched their Watch Party just at the end of our project, which nevertheless proves that we were relatively right out with our idea.  


Madame Tussauds

This was the finishing project of a course with focus on usability and UX, HCI and participatory design. We focused a lot on VR and AR and the purpose of the project was to come up with a way to extend an existing museum experience by using new technology. The end product was a VR experience with elements of Deep Fake at Madame Tussauds, as an extension of their existing concept.

The idea was that with the help of DeepFake we can visualize historical occasions and project a ”real” face via VR and thus get a very immersive experience.



This was a school project where I produced a folder for a shop that sells nordic crafts. This included creating a graphic profile where I motivate all my design choices such as the logo and name selection, composition, fonts, image selection, color scheme and the communicative idea for the store.

In this course I learned a lot about the creative process and to iterate the thinking process under a longer time.